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Welcome! I'm a developer of desktop software solutions and Android enterprise mobile apps in Cleveland, Ohio USA. Call me at (216) 346-7805 or email me so we can talk today about how I can help you become more productive.

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I have created customized desktop solutions for business people in the Cleveland, Ohio USA area for more than 2 decades. I have acquired the experience and insight for how to make programming the efficient and time saving business partner it should be. If you will, consider just a few of the challenges that beg for easy to use, reliable customized solutions:

If you are running a general office type of business, then Intuit Quickbooks or Microsoft Office will probably be fine for your purposes. There is a need for my services when a customer has to create a very specific programmed solution that can't be resolved with an "off-the-shelf" software package. I have traditionally performed this work for the manufacturing industry, because it uses very specific processes that demand customized solutions. However, I can cater to most any business that requires such specialized work.

Now, consider a few situations that would create workplace chaos without well designed desktop solutions from a capable developer:

Scenario #1:
You own a tool and die shop that has a real problem. Your employees are using a CAD/CAM software package that requires them to spend hours eliminating concentric arcs and circles from two dimensional views of metal parts. The concentric arcs and circles are a flaw created by the CAD/CAM program. Time is being wasted and employee productivity is suffering from the needless extra work. (This was an actual project I took care of years ago. I designed a software solution in C programming that scanned through the text file created by the CAD/CAM program that contained the layout parameters for the two dimensioanal view of a metal part. It quickly eliminated the concentric arcs and circles and reconstructed the text file as required by the customer.)

Scenario #2:
You are the administrative vice president in an industrial pattern shop. Shop orders have to be job costed out around the clock so the owners of the company will know where they stand with regard to labor, materials and money made or lost on each shop order. Labor hours, purchase orders and special materials have to be run through an internal company job costing formula. This in turn must be interfaced to an employee benefit & profit sharing plan for the company. You are wasting enormous amounts of time hunting for documentation and file folders around the office that are needed to make the complex calculations. Productivity is plummeting and the only way out of this logistical nightmare is a customized job costing package with an employee benefit & profit sharing module. (Long ago, I created a programmed solution to do this task for a customer who is still using it to this day.)

Scenario #3:
Although your company's sales are growing, you are totally in the dark with regard to how sales of your various product lines trend over time and through your sales people. You very much need this information so you can make intelligent plans for the future of your company. Trying to do all this by hand would be absolutely prohibitive. Not so with a customized sales reporting application. (I made an array of customized sales reports for a long time customer that reveals deep, insightful trends as to how their various product lines sell over time and by specific customer service representatives as well.)

Here are some movies of custom software I created. Real data has been swapped out with phantom data for privacy and security reasons.

Mobile enterprise app development is huge and is poised to grow very quickly over the next few years. As an Android developer, I can create customized solutions for this critically important market. What with business people on the go more than ever, well designed enterprise mobile solutions are an absolute must for the busy, time conscious professional. The Android platform offers the power and versatility to craft mobile solutions to your most exacting specifications.

Let's take a look at how mobile enterprise solutions can nicely cater to several business scenarios:

Scenario #1:
As a kitchen cabinet contractor, you are always on the go visiting prospective customers. You need a fast, easy to use quoting app that will take the parameters you input and crunch out a detailed breakdown of how much a new kitchen cabinet project will amount to. Why tell the prospect you need to go back to your office to work up a quote when you can do it right there in person? It could spell the difference between winning a new project and losing it to a competitor within just a few short hours!

Scenario #2:
You are the foreman in a heat treating plant. There are multiple jobs being done simultaneoulsy. You need to stay on top of how each one is progressing. Trying to do this in an office at a desktop computer is too ackward and time consuming. Even walking around with a laptop could be clumsy as you try to manage the different processes being performed. Wouldn't it be nice to have a customized mobile app that lets you add, view, modify and delete the various heat treating processes you perform in a real time fashion as you walk from one area to the next?

Scenario #3:
Walking around an electroplating shop with a bunch of printed papers detailing the "plating recipes" for various electroplating processes is getting to be too much to handle. You have to shuffle through all the print outs to find the right one for the plating job you are standing in front of. Jobs have to get done on time and shipped out before the UPS or Fedex guy/gal arrives. Your stress level is through the roof and now you are thinking, "There has to be a better way...", right? Why not create a mobile solution that conveniently organizes your plating recipes so they can be retrieved quickly and easily?

Here is a movie of an Android app I made for "Industrial Process Management".

Well designed software caters to many tasks that would otherwise rob you of time needed for more important things like increasing sales and planning for your company's future. With this in mind, I am focused on creating desktop solutions and Android enterprise mobile apps that are crafted to your exact specifications, are easy to use, fast and reliable. Also, feel free to refer to my testimonials page to read what some of my customers have to say about me.

Please use my email and phone contact page so we can further discuss your ideas today. Also, please visit my YouTube Channel to view more videos I have made than what is profiled on this site.

douglas b miller, computer program designer
douglas b miller, computer program designer
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